вторник, 19 января 2016 г.

GitUp Git2 action camera.

Got my Git2 cam today. At first glance it seems to be a pretty nice piece of hardware.

  • It has a tiny screen on its back. Rather small, but still useful.
  • It has Sony IMX206 sensor exactly like so much popular Xiaomi Yi cam has.
  • It's powered by Novatek NT96660 chipset and it doesn't "overprocess" the picture like Ambarella A7 does.
  • Git2's h264 video encoder is quite tricky. Comparing to Yi (defaults @1296p30) it provides slightly greater bitrate but twice higher keyframe interval leading to visible blocking artifacts. 
  • Using p60/p120/p240 modes with indoor/low light is useless because the cam records 30 fps duplicating frames to the target framerate. 
  • The lens is just great. It provides impressive resolution and colors though having some issue concerning lens flare and chromatic aberration effects.
  • Due to its case design Git2 is compatible with GoPro accessories, moreover it has mini-usb connector for those of you who prefer to record audio with an external mic (supporting both mono and stereo).
UPD 2016-06-14: Git2 cam greatly strode towards (as one Git1 cam did) with actual FW updates. Seems like GitUp is going to get its maximum from HW and I'm pretty glad to take a feasible part in this process. Well done things are still here and need me to do some stuff.

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  1. Is it possible to hack this cam to get a flatter image for grading (like your YiMax script) ?

    1. I think Git2 camera can be hacked but in different way. I mean no scripts here only FW modofications.

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  3. Hi! I see you are doing quite ajob with action cams :) Any activeon hack or script that you know of?


    1. Hi! Activeon CX cam is Sunplus (iCatch) SoC based and I'm still working on this chipset at the moment. Also I got very promising results hacking Allwinner V3 SoC... so stay tuned ;)

  4. Hello, thank you for the work you have done on the git2. I recently ordered one to test out and although its picture quality is acceptable- the blacks are very muddy. I wanted to ask if there was any works for better low light performance like pixel binding in lower resolutions. I need the camera to operate at 1080p 60, so I figured that would help but HDMI output is pretty muddy in the blacks.