среда, 13 апреля 2016 г.

Xiaomi Yi vs GitUp Git2.

Left: Xiaomi Yi FW 1.2.13, $10 4.35mm lens, 1296p, all defaults but bitrate set by autoexec.ash script to match Git2. Stabilized using Deshaker v3.1 plugin for VirtualDub (rolling shutter set to 47%). Cropped to 1080p to mask edge artifacts.

Right: GitUp Git2 FW 1.4, $10 4.35mm lens, 1296p, bitrate low, GYRO ON, WDR OFF, FOV W. Resized to 1080p.

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пятница, 8 апреля 2016 г.

GitUp default lens vs Yi lens vs 4.35mm cheapo comparison. Git2 lens replacing tips.

Got another $10 4.35mm lens and made a quick test of it comparing with the default GitUp Git2 lens and default Xiaomi Yi Z22 series lens. All three were mounted on Git2 cam.

Note these when replacing GitUp Git2 lens:
1. You'll need a 1.5mm (metric) hex bit or key to unscrew 4 bolts on the front panel.
2. Remove MicroSD card and start disassembling the front panel from its slot slowly going to the middle of it. There are two strong massive latches inside so you'll have to put some force on them.
3. Git2 lens is hot-glued in its M12 mount (S-mount). Don't rush removing the glue because there are lots of tiny fragile parts around the lens. Scrub it away by small pieces using a sharp tool with fine tip.
4. Focus the lens using HDMI connected display or wifi livestream - rtsp://