среда, 5 августа 2015 г.

New YiMax-movie script.

Click image to enlarge.

Finally I managed to get rid of "watercolor"-looking leaves in videos. Check for the new YiMax-movie script here. Please leave feedback on using this script.

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  1. these advanced scripts really get frustrating.
    I reset the camera to factory settings, put it on high quality, PAL and startup in video mode,
    put in your script. this is what my leaves look like:
    then i removed the battery, and put it in again, no change.

    do you know of any sure way to make it load ALL settings?
    f.ex. - coring table is ignored most of the time. I set it to 8. as you see in the picture, it is not.

    1. I'm not 100% sure, but it seems like some of the settings loaded with ituner are bypassed after camera changes its mode (low/high iso).

  2. if your script works for you all the time, can you post some instructions how to avoid the cam ignoring some settings?

  3. hey,if i want capture very good image quality for travelling and selfies and doesnt really bother about video, can i do with hacking the yi ?? btw i had no idea how to change script..very appreciate and waiting for your reply :DD tq very much

  4. whether this script, there are settings for manual exposure?