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How to enable FTP server for Xiaomi Yi camera.

First of all enable telnet (put an empty file named "enable_info_display.script" to the root of microsd and reboot). Login with root using your favorite telnet client.
Then run this command to start FTP server (thanx to nikulin for update):
nohup tcpsvd -u root -vE 21 ftpd -w / >> /dev/null 2>&1 &

Connect using FTP. Works in both AP and STA modes.

File transfer speed via FTP is up to 1MB/s.

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  1. How about making this script autostart on boot?
    luckylz made a script that installs internally into the Yi here:

  2. Got it.
    just add a file called ftp.sh to the card:

    nohup tcpsvd -u root -vE 21 ftpd -w / >> /dev/null 2>&1 &

    and then add this line to autoexec:
    lu_util exec '/tmp/fuse_d/ftp.sh'

    FTP on autostart :)

    1. It's so nice to have a linux PC in your action cam. Lots of software tricks here ))

    2. so great! I tried triggering the ftp script when wifi is turned on by putting the line you wrote into the wifi_start.sh - but it is overwritten each time the cam reboots. I hope the ftp doesnt suck so much battery life :-D

    3. How did you get write access to that wifi file? I would like to autostart ftp on wifi start. Thanks! Where is autoexec?

  3. FATPIG tures, is need any user name ?
    "Connection refused"

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